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Digital Law

Digital lawyers : Solvoxia assists you with advice and litigation on all digital related matters.

Digital Law lawyer

Solvoxia has extensive expertise in digital law.

Thus, we offer you our services as digital lawyers when :

  • you are launching your e-commerce site. We can help you to validate your sales process with regard to consumer law for B-to-C sites, prepare your general terms and conditions of sale/service/use, your legal notices and confidentiality policy and to audit the content of your site, in particular to ensure that you own the rights to the elements that make it up ;


  • you face difficulties with a third party who is copying your content, your databases, your software/application, your products or has reserved the domain name corresponding to your brand. As digital lawyers, we work with you to prepare formal notices/responses to formal notices, if necessary, to have bailiff’s reports drawn up online and to act/defend you before courts ;


  • you are developing a software or a mobile application or a As digital lawyers, we prepare partnership, development, integration, hosting, transfer, etc. contracts to make your IT projects successful ;


  • your IT project goes wrong. As digital lawyers, we can assist you in any dispute with your co- contractor ;


  • you face e-reputation issues (e.g. false opinions, defamatory opinions, insults on the internet). As digital lawyers, we assist you in taking action to stop attacks on your e- reputation and help you to implement positive e-reputation