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Personal data - GDPR

As GDPR lawyers in the field of personal data, Solvoxia assists you in carrying out GDPR audits, supporting you in achieving compliance and training your teams, as well as in the claims you may wish to file to ensure that your rights are respected.

Personal Data Lawyer

Solvoxia assists you in all matters relating to the collection and processing of personal data, in particular in accordance with the French Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the processing of personal data (“GDPR”).

Accordingly, we offer you our GDPR lawyer services  for :

  • carry out an GDPR audit, to identify the personal data processed by you and the lawfulness of the processing carried out, to review your contractual documentation in relation to the requirements of the regulations on personal data (employment contracts, contracts with your IT or telecom service provider, etc.), to assess the information given to the natural persons concerned with regard to the processing carried out by you, to evaluate the need or not to appoint a data protection officer (“DPO”), to carry out an impact analysis or to assess the security measures (in particular organizational measures) put in place internally, and finally to conclude with our recommendations.


  • assist you in your compliance following the The role of the GDPR lawyer is then to draft the necessary amendments to your existing contractual documentation in order to comply with the applicable legislation, to assist you in the preparation of your processing registers, to define the purposes and possible duration of storage, to draft your confidentiality policies, or to define the good practices to be implemented operationally internally and to put them in writing, for example, in an IT charter.


  • train your team on the GDPR in order to make your employee aware of the issues related to the protection of personal data and to ensure it makes sense to them.


  • assist you in any complaint you may wish to make against any third party or directly to the personal data protection office in France (CNIL). As GDPR lawyers, we also assist you in formulating any response to a complaint made against you regarding the processing of personal data that you carry